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CTS Vapor Trail & Baycaster

As fun as builds with multiple bright colors and fancy wraps are, there's something to be said about how good all black rods look too. Chris wasn't looking for anything crazy on his builds, so we kept it clean, simple, and stealthy with an all black theme. 

The blanks used were the 11ft 3-6oz CTS Vapor Trail and the 10ft 2-4oz Baycaster; both are incredibly light and powerful rods for all around surf fishing here in the northeast. Grips are x pattern shrink tube over cork tape, with Fuji DNPSD reel seats, and Fuji Alconite guides. 

We have several models of one piece 10ft & 11ft CTS blanks available as completed builds or blanks. Contact us anytime for more information or for pricing.


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