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The Eastern Rodworks Prism Jig is versatile lure that can be used for casting, vertical jigging, snap jigging and slow pitch jigging. These jigs feature realistic, natural bait patterns that immitate a variety of common baitfish in a highly prismatic finish. Multi layer coating is super durable and offers a depth of color and reflection. 


These jigs have been extremly effective for bottom fishing; allow the jig to sink to the bottom, and use sharp, aggressive snaps up, then following the jig back down to the bottom. The small profile allows the jig to sink fast and flutter on the way down, making them an excellent choice for snap jigging presentations in deeper water (50-100ft) for cod, sea bass, porgies, and other bottom fish. They can also be cast and retrieved for a side to side wobble of a flat style jig. 


Jigs come standard with small treble hooks; vertical options feature an assist hook. 


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Eastern Rodworks Prism Jigs

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