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As a light tackle and jigging fanatic, I have been fishing this rod for the past several seasons when I plan on targeting a variety of species and want the convenience of a spinning rod. These rods are based off an MHX graphite blank rated for 15-30lb braid, 1-5oz lures and available in 6’6” and 7’0” lengths.


While originally designed for vertical jigging and snap jigging inshore bottom fish like fluke, blackfish, sea bass, and cod, they are more than capable of fishing big plugs, large soft plastics on jig heads, live eels, and live bunker fishing as well for striped bass, bluefish, cobia, and small tuna.


These rods feature a soft tip section with a moderate bend through the top half of the blank, with great power through the bottom half and handle section for a lightweight yet powerful rod. The single foot guide configuration on "Jigging" models are preferable as they are lighter and keep the tip sensitive, while the double foot "Plugging" versions are better for heavier duty fishing. Our"Tog Special" is a 7ft rod with a mix of double/single foots, providing a great mix of both. 


Jigging Version: Single Foot Fuji Alconite K Guides (7 guides + tip)

Plugging Version: Double Foot Fuji Alconite K Guides (7 guides + tip)

"Tog Special": Double + Single Foot Fuji Alconite K Guides (2 double foots/5 single foots)


The rod is designed to be fished with a 3000-5000 size reel or VSX2 100/VS150 with 20-30lb braided line.


*Rods available for purchase will correspond to pictures in the listing. Custom builds have 12+ week turnaround*

Inshore Spinning Rod

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