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Without a doubt, our best-selling rod the past several years has been the snap jig rod. Snap jigging involves aggressively “snapping” the rod up in the air, pulling slack out of the line and causing the bucktail or jig to dance upwards of 4-6 feet before slowly sinking back down. The quick, sudden movement makes the jig look like prey that’s been startled and trying to flee a predator. While designed specifically for snap jigging, these rods are a great choice for a variety of light tackle situations. 

The light model snap jig rod is a 6ft RodGeeks blank rated for 10-15lb braided line, 1/4oz to 3/4oz jigs, and designed for a 2500/VR 50 sized reel.  With multiple options for blank colors, thread colors, handle material and component finishes, there's no limit to what we can make!


*Any rods available for purchase will correspond to pictures in the  listing. Custom builds have 8-10 week turnaround*

Snap Jig Rod (Light Model)

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