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Calstar 6455XXH Tuna Rods

After buying a pair of "demo" rods I built for Pelagic Outfitters, the customer came back and ordered two more for general purpose tuna and offshore fishing here on Long Island. 

These rods start off on Calstar Tackle 6455XXH blanks, trimmed to an overall length of 5’6”. Winthrop Adjusta-Butts offer the ultimate in “form and function” when it comes to custom fishing tackle. These super strong, lightweight butts have the benefit of going from a straight butt to a bent butt with the push of a button and without having to remove the reel. A premium cork fore grip with burnt burl accents give the rods a traditional look from the EVA/shrink tube used on most modern builds. The guides and tip top are Winthrop Xpress rollers, which feature machined one-piece frames and heavy-duty rollers that allow for exceptional knot clearance and minimal friction. The guide wraps are done in a dark blue and black with silver trim that brings everything together in a pair of beautiful, yet functional fish killing machines.

For pricing on individual builds or complete sets, email us anytime for pricing and availability.


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