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Calstar Deep Drop Swordfish Rod

With advances in electric reels and new daytime tactics, deep drop sword fishing has been gaining in popularity from the Florida Keys to New England. I've been fortunate enough to make several deep drop rods for customers in Florida and New York, each slightly different to account for the owner's boat and fishing style. 

This builds starts with a Calstar fiberglass blank that was trimmed to offer a more powerful tip section while maintaining the proper action for a rod that will be used exclusively out of the rod holder. An Aftco #2 long curve butt offers optimal clearance over the outboards and engine platform on the owner's medium size center console, along with being able to accept a variety of reels. An Aftco swivel top and Fuji HB series Silicon Carbide guides ensure that line will move freely and easily once that big sword is hooked and throughout the fight. 

For pricing and options on deep drop builds, please give us a call (631) 902-9756 or send us an email any time. 


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