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Custom Fishing Rods: Guide Wrap Options

People are often surprised to learn how many color options they have when building a custom fishing rod, and even more surprised to learn most of the color is thread. With hundreds of custom fishing rods completed in a variety of styles and actions, you can be sure we've built everything from plain, single color rods to wild multi color builds!

Our custom and semi-custom builds feature 2-3 colors based on the style of rod; single foot guides feature 2 colors while most double foot guides feature 2-3 colors. "Underwraps" are the color that show under the guide feet. "Overwraps" secure the guide to the rod and can be seen over the top of the underwrap. Finally, an accent or trim color brings the entire guide wrap together. Colors can be picked to match or contrast based on your style preferences.

We recently updated the "Guide Wraps" album and wanted to share some of our favorites from the past season. When combined with component choices like guide finish, painted blanks and/or reel seats, and grip material, there's an unlimited color pallet of choices. Most options are available for most style builds, so feel free to contact us with your ideas and we're happy to make your dream custom rod or set come true!


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