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Fiberstar Composites MB1327

Updated: Aug 19, 2018

Over the past few years, Fiberstar Composites has become a popular surf rod choice for anglers along the East Coast. Without question, the most commonly asked about model is the MB1327, also known as the "Montauk Marauder". This blank was designed to handle the variety of conditions and plugs that are associated with fishing in Montauk...One minute you can be casting a 3oz pencil popper on a sand beach, the next could require a 3/4oz bucktail to be gently casted 40 feet in front of you, as you try to avoid slipping on the algae covered rocks that cover most of the point. Somewhere in between are the darters, bottle plugs, and live eels that have accounted for their fare share of cows from the "Surfcasting Capital of the World", all of which are easily handled on these blanks. 

This build features a QuickGrip diamond pattern shrink tube rear grip, Fuji DNPSD Reel Seat, and a shaped cork fore grip. The decorative wrap is a 4 Point Star variation and features a beautiful purple/neon green color combination that was also used for the guides, which are Fuji Alconite K guides in a black finish. 

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