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Lamiglas BT963M Spinning Rod

Fiberglass blanks make an excellent choice for medium to heavy spinning/conventional rods that can handle a wide range of tasks, such as: plugging, eeling, live bait fishing, snag & drop, bottom fishing, and jigging. One of my favorite blanks to use is the Lamiglas BT963M, which can be designed to cover any of these tasks day in and day out. 

This rod was made with the overall length of 7'2", with material trimmed from both ends of the blank specifically for "snag & drop" live bait fishing. The handle features a cork tape and hypalon grip, a good choice for a non-slip application. The wrap is a faded double chevron in matching colors to the guides, which are Fuji Alconite frames in a generic guide pattern to allow the use of multiple style/size reels. 

Please contact me at (631) 902-9756 or via email for pricing.


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