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Lamiglas GSB1201L "John Skinner" Special

One of my first recommendations for anglers looking for a versatile rod to handle light and medium payloads is modified version of the Lamiglas GSB1201L blank, a 10ft graphite blank trimmed down to 9ft. Originally called the "Montauk Eel Rod" by legendary rod builder John Schauer, it recently gained popularity after being mentioned by John Skinner in his book "A Season on the Edge". After being trimmed from the back, it creates a slightly slower version of the full length blank while maintaining good reserve power. This makes it an excellent choice for live or rigged eels, along with extremely easy to cast while balancing on rock with waves crashing around you. 

This particular build is a perfect example of what our standard rods look like - clean thread and finish work, along with quality Fuji components and your choice of colors. The metallic red and silver wraps really pop, along with the initials of the owner above the handle to offer some personalization for those anglers who don't need the "wow" factor of a decorative wrap. 

Typical turnaround time on a standard build is 8-10 weeks; times may vary dependent on our existing workload, so feel free to contact us at any time. 


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