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Lamiglas GSB1201M Old School

Since their introduction last fall, I'm happy to see customers finding the Lamiglas GSB1201M and GSB1321M Old School blanks as a rod to have in their arsenal. These blanks are the most versatile on the market today and can cover any task from jigging and eeling, to plugs and topwater lures. 

This build features Infinity style shrink tube fore & rear grips, along with a Fuji DNPSD reel seat. The decorative wrap is a "Spider" in matching colors, with the light green base adding a touch of color against the darker background. Fuji Alconite K Frame guides in a polished finished are perfectly spaced for the Van Staal VSX200 to be used on the rod, which will see time on the water throughout New England. 

We stock the full line of Lamiglas GSB series blanks, along with other models by Lamiglas. For pricing on completed rods or blanks, send me an email:


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