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Lamiglas GSB1201M-OS

Anyone who's fished the surf in Montauk knows one minute you could be using a 3/4oz bucktail, the next a 3oz pencil popper, and if you're fishing after dark, maybe a live eel or darter. Versatility is the key to success out east, and while blank technology has changed dramatically since the Lamiglas GSB series was first introduced to the surf fishing world 25+ years ago, there's a reason why it's still the most popular surf rod in the northeast. The moderate action allows for the user to fish a wide range of lures, along with having the durability to withstand the harsh conditions of the Montauk surf.

Brendan and Shaun were looking for new surf rods to use in Montauk, along with the the jetties on the south shore of Long Island. After talking about some different blank options, we decided that the Lamiglas GSB1201M-OS would be a great match for their style of fishing. Both feature decorative scale/chevron wraps, diamond pattern QuickGrip shrink tube grips, Fuji graphite reel seats, and the new CC (Corrosion Control") Finish Fuji Alconite K guides.

Custom surf rods builds on the Lamiglas GSB line of blanks start at $425 depending on the model and components used. For more information or pricing on custom surf rod builds, please contact us any time. 


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