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Lamiglas GSB1321M Old School

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Custom Lamiglas Surf Fishing Rods by Eastern Rodworks - GSB1321M Old School

Sometimes, guys don't want to give up the rod they've been using and catching on for the past 10+ years. Dan was no exception, and while he was perfectly happy with his original Lamiglas GSB series, he wanted to try the new guide layouts that have become standard on most builds. 

This build is a great example of what one of our standard models looks like; top quality components, clean wraps and finish work, and a rod that will perform better than anything off the rack. The handle is Infinity style shrink tube fore & rear grips, along with a Fuji plate style reel seat. Plate seats offer the convenience of a reel seat, but the look and feel of a taped on reel. Fuji Alconite K Frame guides in a black finish were set up for a Van Staal VS250 to be used on the rod, which will see most of it's time on the water in Montauk. 

We stock the full line of Lamiglas GSB series blanks, along with other models by Lamiglas. For pricing on completed rods or blanks, send me an email:

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