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Lamiglas MB1143F Blackfish Rod

Considered by many to be one of the best Blackfish and bottom fishing rods of all time, the Lamiglas 1143F has been a favorite among anglers for decades. Reintroduced into the Lamiglas line up in early 2017, this rod is the perfect choice for anglers who prefer a slower/moderate action rod for their bottom fishing needs. A slower action blank is a perfect choice for braided lines, while also giving that double digit blackfish a split second longer to position the crab before it crunches down and feels the sting of the hook. 

This build starts with a honey Lamiglas MB1143F trimmed to an 11 top and overall length of 8ft. The grips are shaped EVA, which is a good choice for a durable, lightweight, and comfortable handle for late season fishing in the northeast. The wrap is a modified 4 point star in black. red, and pearl and Fuji Alconite guides were wrapped to match. The owner's initials above the handle offer the perfect finishing touch to a classic build that will see action for years to come. 

We stock a variety of Lamiglas blanks, including the 1143F in black (BMB1143F), honey (MB1143F) and white (WMB1143F). For information and pricing on custom Lamiglas fishing rods and blanks, email us any time. 

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