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Lamiglas SB1364M Chunking Rod

With almost everyone using graphite rods and braided line these days, why would anyone want to use fiberglass? Whether you're fishing from the surf, local party boat, or out in the canyons, fiberglass blanks are a great choice for certain styles of fishing here in the northeast. When combined with the no stretch characteristics of today's braided lines, the moderate action of a fiberglass blank is something that will help keep fish hooked, take abuse, and give you a thrill when you feel the rod bend down to the reel with a good fish on. 

This was a fun build to deliver just before the season - a Lamiglas SB1364M designed for surf chunking and bait fishing. Once considered the "ultimate" big plug and bait rod, the introduction of graphite 25+ years ago saw the declining use of this blank to the point it was discontinued years ago. After numerous requests, Lamiglas reintroduced the blank this past winter and I had several customers order new builds to replace or compliment their well used versions from years ago. 

This rod features a QuickGrip rear grip to protect the rod while it's in a sand spike,  along with a Fuji Reel Seat and a shaped fore grip. A "super sized" snowflake/diamond wrap in burgundy, black and gold is a great color combination on the classic honey colored blank. Built specifically for use with monofilament line and a Penn 706z, the guides are set up in an "old school" cone of flight pattern to allow seaweed or mung to easily pass through the guides.

We stock a full line of Lamiglas Fiberglass blanks to cover almost every surf and inshore situation; contact us today for more information!


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