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ODM Evolution NXE-94, NXE-105, & NXE-116 Surf Rod Set

Mike contacted me last summer about putting together a set of rods to celebrate his retirement. After showing him different options, he decided on a trio of ODM Evolution blanks: the 9ft NXE-94 , 10ft NXE-105 and 11ft NXE-116 to cover all of his surf fishing needs. I’m happy to finally share pictures of one of the nicest surf rod sets I’ve done.

These rods start with the chameleon painted ODM Evolution blanks, which are made of Boron to create a rod that is lighter and stronger than comparable carbon blanks. The handles feature infinity style shrink tube grips with custom painted Fuji reel seats to match the blank paint. These seats also feature the Fuji BackLock, which acts as a secondary “lock” against the reel seat loosening during use. Decorative snowflake wraps in complimenting thread colors with a striped bass and “Big Mike” decals add a classy personal touch. With such wild paint and decorative thread work, the guide wraps are classic black with charcoal trim, which matches the Fuji Alconite K frame guides. These rods are top shelf in every aspect and will be used with the new Van Staal VSX 2 reels during the upcoming season.


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