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Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 700X3H

I had the pleasure of meeting John at the Ward Melville Fishing Club show back in March. After looking over my personal collection of custom fishing rods, he threw out a wild idea: an acid wrapped rod for targeting tuna and swordfish on the Helen-H offshore trips out of Hyannis, Massachusetts.  Doesn't sound so wild does it? "I want every guide a different color" we're talking!

The pictures below are the final product; "Beatrice" starts off on a Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 700X3H blank rated for 60-130lbs. The grips are shaped EVA, with an extended length fore grip to use on the rail when fighting that big sword or tuna. The Fuji HB Silicon Carbide guides are spiral wrapped and set up for a Shimano Talica 25. And, as promised, every guide was wrapped a different color metallic thread. 

I can't wait to see John stick a good fish with Beatrice and it's another example of how we can turn your ideas into a reality. Contact us today to talk about the rod of your dreams, from classic designs to the wildest colors you can think of!


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