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CTS Elite SD Surf Rod

Whether it's a blank, team color theme, or wrap design, I love when customers have a general idea of what they're looking for and give me the creative freedom to build. Brad has been one of these customers and I've been fortunate to build him a couple rods over the past two years. Not to mention, it's exciting for me to see my builds catching fish on the west coast!

Brad's latest build starts with a CTS Elite SD 9'6" blank rated for 3/4oz - 2oz in a matte finish. The handle features an aluminum/rubber fighting butt, infinity style shrink tube rear, polished Fuji reel seat, and shaped hypalon fore grip. A spider wrap in neon green and black is the centerpiece of the rod and definitely an eye catcher. The guides are Fuji titanium frame Torzite K guides, the best available on the market for weight and performance. With so much going on in the handle and wrap, the guides were done in black with neon green trim, adding just enough pop to keep the build looking clean throughout. 

We stock CTS blanks and can order any model they offer direct from New Zealand, so contact us at any time for quotes on blanks or complete builds. 

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