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Custom Rods at Saltwaters Tackle

It’s quite the compliment when I go to deliver rods to my friends at Saltwaters Tackle and I watch those rods leave the shop before I do. It’s happened at least 3 times over the past year and will never get old to me!

I’m happy to share I’ve been working with the guys to keep a mix of custom rods in stock throughout the season. As of Sunday, they have painted and gloss finish snap jig rods, Seeker wire line & trolling rods, and ODM Evolution surf rods (9ft, 10ft, and 11ft with 8ft on the way) ready for the new season. These rods are 100% crafted the same way my custom work is, made to the shop specs and colors. I’m going to add other model rods as well, so if you have any requests let us know. Saltwaters is the only authorized Van Staal service center on Long Island (I hear they know Craig, too) and have anything you could need for your next surf, inshore or offshore fishing trip. Give them a call at (631) 539-9422 or stop down to check them out.

Tight lines,

~ Matt


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