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Lamiglas GSB1201L

Chris was looking for a versatile custom surf rod to use for back bay and open beach fishing along Long Island, along with the occasional North Fork trip. After picking up my personal Lamiglas GSB1201L matched with a Van Staal VS200 reel and 30lb braid, it was an easy decision!

This build features Infinity style shrink tube grips, Fuji Ergonomic reel seat, and Fuji Alconite K Guides. The versatility of this blank makes it one of my favorites to fish with; it will comfortably throw smaller plastic swimmers like the Daiwa SP minnow, Redfins, and Bombers, but is capable of fishing Super Strike Darters, bottle plugs, and pencil poppers as well. I've personally landed fish to 38lbs without issue and it's routinely my first choice off the rod rack.

For more information on getting your own Lamiglas GSB1201L, email us.


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