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Lamiglas GSB1201M Old School

What's better than getting a custom rod? Getting one for free!

Back in December 2016, J&H Tackle in Oakdale  hosted a "Lamiglas Surf Night", where they unveiled the new John Skinner surf rod and showed off the recently introduced "Old School" series of the GSB line. At the end of the night we raffled off a GSB1201M-OS blank that I would build for the winner free of charge to their specs. Melissa was lucky enough to pull the ticket, and Jon was even luckier that she gave him the ticket!

The handle starts with a Infinity style shrink tube rear grip, Fuji DNPSD reel seat, and shaped fore grip. The wrap is a 4 Point Star variation in black, white, and orange, which carries through to the guide wraps as well. Black Fuji Alconite K guides were perfectly spaced for the VSX250 Jon bought for the new rod and he'll have a top notch set up for years to come. 

Thanks again to Tom Posey and the team at Lamiglas for donating the blank, along with J&H Tackle for hosting a great event. 


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